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Sky Puppet FAQ's

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Why does SkyPuppet use a double sided logo?
This is in order to get your massage across to customers as easy and effective as possible.

Why should I use SkyPuppet and not a regular freestanding banner?
SkyPuppet works much better than any other kind of front store advertisement. Sky puppet is big, very visible and is constantly moving, plus is MORE AFFORDABLE than a banner.

How long does it take to setup Skypuppet, have it inflated and ready to use?
It takes less than 1 minute for your SkyPuppet to be fully functional.

How much more visibility can my business gain using skyPuppet?
On an average it will be visble more than 10 times of than it is now. We recommend that you stand outside of your store and watch the people as they pass by before you inflate your Skypuppet and do the same after. You will notice the huge difference yourself.

How often should I use skyPuppet?
The more you use it, the more business you are going to gain.

What kind of customized skyPuppet is most recommended?
This really Depends on what you are proposing If you are just branding your name then we would recommend logo, name, slogan only. If you are looking to sell and gain more profit we recommend specials, Sale, close out, free phone, clearance, going out of business and much more.

Most SkyPuppet companies make them one side, why are you offering it as double sided?
This will double your visibility. Most streets have 2 sides and most people walk on different sides of your sidewalk. We have tested it many times before and we decided to go with double sides for much more visibility.

Why should I spend $399 for SkyPuppet rather than some other form of eye catching advertisement?
We have customers in the wireless business that made over $500 on the same day by having SkyPuppet in front of there store. Every customer tells us that this has been the greatest investment that they have ever made. Balloons, banners and flags are also great. But they cost more money and they are not as eye catching as the skypuppet.

Most places are offering similar products as SkyPuppet for more than $1500 with a blower, why is yours $399? Is there something wrong with the quality?
We are working on large volumes so we get better prices on everything and our SkyPuppets are much better quality than the competitors out there. All of the letters and logos are stitched into the fabric. © 2007. All Rights Reserved.